Melon, Lardo, and Burrata
purple basil - heirloom tomatoes - lardo - burrata - olive oil - pink peppercorns

Bitter Salad with Farm Egg and Polenta Crouton*
wild arugula - dandelion greens - anchovies - coddled farm egg - polenta croutons* - tarragon meyer lemon walnut oil dressing

Main Course
Roasted Pork Loin 
heritage pork - woody herbs - lemon - orange - garlic

Braised Baby Artichokes
artichokes - white wine - garlic - olive oil - lemon juice - herbs fines 

Fava Bean and Sweet Pea Mash
fava beans - english shelling peas - mint - sweet cream - leeks - parmigiano-reggiano 

Pistachio Orange Pink Peppercorn Sundae 
pistachio ice cream -  blood orange olive oil - vanilla salt with - candied pink peppercorn dark chocolate bark

* Optional 

**our ingredients are always locally sourced and organic whenever possible**

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