Cherry Dolmas
currants - pine nuts - herbs fines -  aromatics - grape leaves –extra virgin olive oil - meyer lemon - ground lamb - sour cherries

Bacon Cherry Kale Avocado Salad
curly kale - extra virgin olive oil - sel gris - bing cherries - 5-spice lamb bacon - avcocado - saba

Main Course
5 Spice Pastured Chicken with Sweet and Sour Pickled Cherries
spatch cooked chicken- coriander pickled cherries

Duck Fat Roasted Asparagus 
asparagus - shallots - proscuitto - bing cherries - ricotta salata - fennel pollen 

Anise scented pavlova, chocolate mousse, smoked cherries and crème anglaise
anise meringue - mascarpone - 85% chocolate - cherry wood smoked cherries - vanilla bean crème anglaise

**our ingredients are always locally sourced and organic whenever possible**

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